A city church with a country atmosphere

Sunday Services:
Cowboy Service
8:30 a.m.

Indoor Service
10:30 a.m.



Alton Vance - Pastor











Stories and Illustrations


  1. You Might Be in A Country Church If...
  2. Forest Gump Goes to Heaven
  3. A Spiritual Lesson from the Golden Gate Bridge
  4. I Asked God...
  5. Images of a Mother
  6. There is Never a Day so Dreary
  7. A Lesson from a Malfunctioning Aircraft
  8. Only in America
  9. Paradoxes of Our Time
  10. I Wish for You...
  11. Paul Harvey's Prayer for America at State Senate
  12. More Prints in the Sand
  13. The Prodigal Son in Modern Vernacular
  14. Children's Letters to Their Pastor
  15. An Eight Year Old Explains God
  16. Funny How...! - God
  17. Ten Commandments - Cowboy Style




These Illustrations and stories are here to inspire you along your way of life today.